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The following terms and conditions apply to all offers and services provided by Createria graphic engeneering (hereinafter referred to as Createria).


Placing of orders and cooperation


The offer contains a description of services and an estimate of the fee.
Unless explicitly stated, consumables will be charged additionally by Createria to the client at the usual prices. The client provides Createria with the necessary documents for the execution of the order free of charge and on time and guarantees that all copyrights for publication are available (applies to source text, image, sound, text, video, etc.).
The client agrees not to assert any copyright claims against Createria and to indemnify Createria against all third-party copyright claims.
Createria may, at its own discretion, involve third parties for the optimal execution of the order and is entitled to conclude contracts with third parties in the name of and for the account of the client that are necessary for the execution of the order. Costs, which are not listed in the offer, need the approval of the client.
Invoices from third parties will be forwarded directly to the client for payment after a check by Createria.
Createria reserves the right to place a reference to Createria's company presence on the Internet in virtual media such as Internet and Flash applications or films.


Ownership, right of use, copyright


Upon payment of the invoice, the client acquires the non-exclusive right to use the work developed by Createria. This applies to all offers and services provided by Createria, unless otherwise agreed in individual cases.
The copyrights of works developed by Createria remain with Createria; Createria is entitled to reuse these works in other projects. This applies in particular to software components and universal graphic elements (such as icons, photos, etc.). Products developed specifically for the client, such as logos, drawings, etc., are explicitly excluded from this as long as they are the final product.
Createria uses open source software. The copyrights to this software developed by third parties remain with the third parties. For all developed software components, Createria owns the right to publish these components under an OSI compatible license (e.g. LGPL, GPL and BSD licenses,


Warranty of quality and title, liability


Createria warrants that the work is functional at the time of acceptance by the client in accordance with the offer and the concept. If the client discovers defects or errors in the work delivered by Createria, he is obliged to notify Createria immediately.
If compatibility with third party software is not expressly offered, Createria expressly rejects the guarantee of smooth cooperation with third party software.



Createria is bound to full confidentiality at all times. This confidentiality applies in particular to the client's business secrets and to the client's jointly developed information relevant to the business.


Terms of payment


Createria normally invoices for the work performed on a monthly basis. Invoices must be paid within 15 days, unless otherwise stated.
In the case of an order volume of more than 10,000, partial payments are due according to the milestones reached as specified in the offer or in the specifications. These will be agreed upon at the beginning of the project.
In addition, the independent general terms and conditions of the business partners mentioned in a quotation must be observed.

The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.
1.6.2021 Zurich

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